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3D Modeling

Our highly qualified BIM professionals read and understand 2D construction drawings and create information rich 3D models by referring 2D construction drawings using Autodesk Revit software which gives better visualization and understanding for better coordination.

BIM Coordination

We have a team with better and univocal communication skills which is required for better and error free coordination processes. Our team identifies the clashes and resolve them smartly; sometimes we propose designers to make necessary changes in design during the coordination process. We present a 3D Walkthrough to our client once coordination process is completed.

BOQ (Bill of Quantity)

BOQ is the most important part of construction as business heavily depends on BOQ. Precise BOQ can be generated using BIM enables software. We can provide different forms of precise BOQ as per client’s requirement some of them are listed below.

  1. Building wise
  2. Floor wise
  3. Service wise
  4. Material wise
  5. Item wise

BIM Shop Drawings

We provide detailed & presentable shop drawings for fabrications and installation details which will help you to.

  1. Figure out the kind for materials you will require for components
  2. Set out dimensions for installation
  3. Understand structural steel detailing
  4. Windows and door installation other MEP components

Shop drawings with above information will help you to work on your project with minimum coordination related delays.

BIM As built Drawings

We do provide As built drawing for the construction project using CAD, PDF or Point Cloud data (Scan Data).

4D Simulation

The 4th dimension of Building Information Modeling is “Time”. One of the most important aspects of construction activities. We have an expert team who can attach construction schedules to 3D geometry and simulate it for better understanding of construction sequencing and manpower deployment for critical activity. We can compare planned vs actual progress. It also Helps planners make better plans for vehicle movement, material storage etc.

5D Simulation

The 5th dimension of Building Information Modeling is “Cost”. Again one of the most important aspects of construction activities. We have an expert team who can attach construction budgeted cost to 3D geometry and simulate it for better understanding of construction cost and resource deployment for critical activity. It helps the account team to have a better cash flow plan for the project.

6D Sustainability

The maximum performance at the lowest cost is the building’s main priority today. That’s why 6D BIM modeling is popular in the AEC industry.

We extend our engineering expertise to integrate energy modeling with existing BIM models to help contractors, owners and project stakeholders to build sustainable building.From residential, commercial and industrial buildings to educational, hospital and public facilities, we deliver 6D BIM solutions following clients requirements.

Our BIM experts develop a virtual building model providing stakeholders the access to relevant information to manage the property, building systems and components by developing 6D BIM models in Autodesk Revit

7D Asset tagging & facility management

7D Asset tagging and facility management provides maintenance data which is used throughout the buildings life cycle & will help you to

  1. Find Asset location
  2. Better purchasing decision
  3. Better fix/replace decision making
  4. Detailed insight into equipment performance
  5. Repair accuracy
  6. Understanding the total cost of ownership for assets
  7. Warranty tracking

Content Building (Family Creation)

Bim Bull offers customized and ready to use Revit Family. We work for manufacturers, product designers and BIM Companies who have an ongoing requirement of Architectural, Structural and MEP components . Manufacturers and Product Design firms can manufacture components or design products based on the details, product specifications, 3D geometry etc. specified in the Revit families.We create Revit families from 2D CAD Drawings, PDFs with dimensions and specifications.
We create any kind of flexible, smart and parametric families up to LOD 500, with all required information (from 2D to 7D); which saves lots of time in design change. We customize the family which as per project needs such as customization for BOQ/Quantity take off.

Scan to BIM

Bim Bull's team specialized in converting point cloud data into accurate BIM models.Once the scan data is received Bim Bull's technical team will have a review of the scan files. Once the team has finished reviewing it is then exported to a BIM platform to develop an accurate AS-Built model
Depending on the requirement of client Bim Bull's team can convert the point cloud scan data into a BIM model with LOD options ranging from LOD 100 to LOD 500

Bim Bull offers below services:
  1. Creation of Architectural, MEP and structural models from Point Cloud
  2. 3D reconstruction from point cloud
  3. Tracing and Surface Restructuring from point cloud data
  4. Point cloud to 7D BIM for facility management

Virtual Reality (VR)

As we are growing we are using technology at its maximum. In Building information modeling we create digital twin of real. It is virtual construction but we see it through glass of LED or screen. VR Glass and VR enabled software help us to experience the virtual world. We can have virtual meetings, we can discuss issues in the virtual model. Even though we are living at different geological locations.

BIM Auditing

BIM Model auditing objective is validation of elements in BIM Model from design, element integrity [eLOD]and Information [iLOD]. This helps to verify and ensure the accuracy and consistency of the information contained in the BIM model. A well defined BIM Auditing as per project milestones helps stakeholders to achieve BIM Goals as agreed in BIMEP.

Bim Bull's Auditing service includes:
  1. Standard Check :This check is to validate that the project files and elements are developed according to the project BIM AEC/CADD standards. This includes fonts, dimension, styles and all other CADD standards
  2. Model Integrity Check :This is a check to ensure that the standards and modeling guidelines are in accordance with project requirements and with the BEP. This also includes model healthiness in terms of worksets assignment, duplicated elements, groups, iLOD or any other issue that affects the performance and quality of the models.
  3. Visual Check : A visual inspection is carried inside Revit, Civil 3D and Navisworks to check the model compliance with standards and requirements and to verify that the elements eLOD comply with the project LOD. This check also aims to detect 3D clashes visually and to share the report with other stakeholders using the “Issue Management Platform”
  4. Clash Detection: This check includes the interference check carried out in Revit and the clash detection carried out through Navisworks on a federated 3D model. The check aims to detect the clashes that the visual check might have omitted. The exact location and view of the clash is determined in an extracted report.

Bim Bull's team will evaluate the level of detail employed in your project against the design criteria based on which you constructed the model. After the thorough auditing, Bim Bull will furnish you with a report on the BIM model whether it meets the industry level BIM standards and where your model might need improvement.

BIM Automation [Visual Scripting]

Bim Bull's offers BIM automation services to automate the repetitive modeling tasks, custom calculations etc to increase the productivity and streamline project milestones using visual scripting platforms such as Dynamo & Grasshopper.

Benefits of BIM Automation:
  1. Enhanced Performance & Optimized Solution
  2. Faster Project Production & Delivery
  3. Better outcome through automation
  4. Easy Coordination of Trades